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We create a smile to every woman through our vertical farming solutions

Demonstration farm

Backyard Farming


Hydroponic system, using locally available materials.


To champion, advocate and provide necessary platforms to ensure improved food security and financial inclusion for women and youth.


To have a world where women and youth have access to nutritious foods and are living above poverty and its effect.

About Us

Women Smiles Uganda brings adaptable and affordable vertical farming solutions to underserved communities. Based in Kampala, Women Smiles Uganda was established in 2018 to disrupt hunger and poverty, especially among Women and youth living in vulnerable communities of Africa. Women Smiles Uganda was recognized as one of the Top 50 Organizations to connect with in Africa by the Tony Elumelu Foundation, won the 2019 Takeda entrepreneurship award, Youth in Agroecology Business Track Africa 2022 award (YALTA), recognized by Obama Foundation, Westerwelle Foundation, and One Young World for its efforts to combat hunger, for its contributions to bettering conditions for women, teenage mothers, and youth.

What we Do...

Community Training Program

Beneficiaries are taught how to grow food sustainably, promote healthier, more environmentally friendly food systems in urban areas, and generate their own income out of selling fresh agricultural produce.

Community Outreach

We organize community outreach programs to engage with our beneficiaries directly. We conducted workshops, seminars, and other events to educate women and girls about their programs and the resources available to them.

Nutrition Education

As part of our commitment to improving maternal child health, we have positively impacted the health and well-being of mothers and children in the targeted communities.

Seedling Facility for Women

To ensure access to quality seeds, we have enhanced agricultural productivity and sustainability, enabling farmers to increase their yields and over 5000 beneficiaries have access to the facility.

Constructing vertical farms

Building versatile vertical farms and offering women training in sustainable urban farming empowers them to grow nutritious food on small or limited land plots for themselves and their families.

demonstration community farms

We've established demo farms as hands-on training centers for our beneficiaries, where they learn farming techniques firsthand. These hubs offer practical learning experiences.


LILIAN NAKIGOZI is organizing this fundraising,

Hello, I am Lilian Nakigozi, an Obama Scholar and EVWA Champion. I am determined to see more women across Africa have access to affordable and nutritious food for their families and make a sustainable living from agriculture. That’s why I founded Women Smiles Uganda.


With your help, we can support women in underserved communities and their families. your support can greatly impact someone’s life.

About Us

Women Smiles Uganda, founded in 2018, aims to enhance the lives of women and girls in underserved African communities, particularly urban slums.

Head Office, Uganda

Plot A4, First floor,Shalom plaza, Jomayi-Katale

E: womensmilesuganda@gmail.com
Tel :+256701775724 |+256-701803042

Branch, USA

500 Riverside NY,

10027 New York, USA.

Tel: +1(838) 217-1679

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