We believe passionately in community development, climate resilience and our solution changes lives. The long term involvement of our beneficiaries and supporters is a testimony to the great impact our work has done on the life experiences of women and communities.


One of the primary advantages of vertical farming is that it allows for year- round production of fresh produce regardless of weather conditions. This is especially important in African cities, where extreme weather events such as droughts and floods can disrupt traditional farming practices. Crops can be grown in a controlled environment with precise control over factors like temperature, humidity, and lighting, resulting in higher crop yields and more consistent production.


We believe passionately that our programs change lives.


After losing my government job I met Lilian at a conference and quickly realized that farming can be a source for empowerment. I took it upon myself to bring farming to my community in Entebbe and I now own a demonstration farm in my home where I grow variety of vegetables and fruits for my home and I am also selling to households in my community.


After I learned about Women Smiles Uganda, I spoke to the women at my local church, hoping to convince them to venture into farming with me. Soon, we all participated in a training conducted by Women Smiles Uganda and collected funds to set up a greenhouse. As a cooperative, our women group now sells a wide variety of nutritious vegetables, herbs and spices to customers within our community.


I was in my home in Katanga slum when Women Smiles Uganda team approached me. This caught my interest and I registered for their trainings. During training, I realized most of what was being taught can actually be done in my home. And I tried. Right now I am practicing urban farming and I can feed my family and at the same time sell the excess I harvest to my neighbors giving me another income stream up to $100 per month. Women Smiles Uganda has greatly changed my life I can now save money I used to spend on buying vegetables and food.


After loosing my husband in 2011, this was my turning point of suffering to raise 4 children single handedly, paying school fees, feeding, medical care and clothing them. As a widow, i had to struggle despite all the challenges not until in 2019 when i learnt of women smiles Uganda which changed life . The organization trained me in agri-business mentorship, vertical farming practices which helped me to reduce on costs on food, job insecurity and financial freedom, i am extremely that i am living as an example to my fellow widows in my community. my special thanks goes to Women smiles uganda.

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Women Smiles Uganda is a social enterprise established in 2018 to improve lives of women and young girls in the under served communities of Africa especially those living in urban slums.

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