End Hunger and Poverty in Ugandan Households

LILIAN NAKIGOZI is organising this fundraising

Hello, I am Lilian Nakigozi, an Obama Scholar and EVWA Champion. I am determined to see more women across Africa have access to affordable and nutritious food for their families and make a sustainable living from agriculture. That’s why I founded Women Smiles Uganda.

With your help, we can raise US$100,000 to support 10,000 women and their families

across four African countries to grow sustainable, nutritious food and earn a sustainable income from agriculture.

Women Smiles Uganda is a social enterprise that supports women, teenage mothers and youth living in underserved African communities.

Through vertical farming, we seek to improve food security, nutritional status, and

livelihoods, especially for those living in urban slums who are landless and have limited

spaces. With this approach, we secure sustainable agriculture and empower women.

Over the past five years, we have trained over 15,000 women in vertical farming. This allows the women and their families to use the limited physical spaces in urban informal

settlements to produce enough food for their families and sell their surplus harvest at a

profit. This has boosted household incomes by 60%. We want to ensure that more women and their families can access healthy and nutritious food and live off of their vertical urban farms across Africa. With your support, we can raise US$ 100,000 to scale our great work in Uganda’s low-income urban communities and expand to 10,000 people in neighboring Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan in two years.

Your Donation can make a huge difference:

$25 – supports a family of three to receive the training to grow their vertical garden which will feed and help them earn an income.

$50 – supports two families.

$100 – supports four families.

$1,000 – supports 40 families.

Every cent counts: join us today to put a smile, meal, and income in more African

households with Women Smile Uganda.

If you want to know more about our work, visit our website Here.

Thank you so much for your generosity!






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